Monday, January 9, 2012

Ticking off my list

I ran around today, looking for the items on my list and trying to seem organized.  I managed to find a really comfortable pair of walking shoes in anticipation of those hikes we've heard about.  And I went to the bank for financing.  Did you realize that travelers' checks are almost history?  Try to find a source!! My travel guides say that they don't use them while in Antigua and that careful banking will suffice.  I hope so!  I also picked up a copy of 501 Spanish verbs in anticipation of my Spanish classes.  As well I picked up a carry-along card with useful phrases.  I won't let that out of my sight for the first few days. 
When picking up the medical supplies (Oh, I forgot.  We'll be taking two suitcases with medical supplies normally discarded here in the States.), I "met" our hostess Ana in a photograph and saw some of the clinics to which these medical supplies will be taken.  I hope Caroline has the opportunity to photograph these buildings.  So very simple, so much needed. 

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