Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yes we're home and the adventure continues...

Thanks to all of you who have followed our travels to this country filled with amazing people!  The last days photo's have been added to the album on the St. Elizabeth Service Peace and Justice facebook page.  Pat and I continue to process the experience, answer questions, and share the stories of many beautiful Guatemalan people.  Fr. Tom told us before we left and again last night, that's it's impossible to go on a trip like this and return unchanged.  We know in our hearts just how true that is and look forward to hearing your ideas on becoming more involved. Paz de Dios!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Adventure over...or just beginning

We arrived home early Friday morning.  It was a long day, starting at 4am on Thursday (Guatemala time), leaving for the airport at 5am (what a hair-raising trip! and it was 1 1/2 hours. Thank you, Oscar, for your careful driving), and three planes.  Luckily two of those connections allowed us to stretch out in our rows and catnap.  We arrived a half hour early in Anchorage, 12:30am on Friday (3:30am Guatemala time).  Caroline has more photos to load, most on our last two visits to pueblos.  One of them received computers funded by Bowman Elementary School here in Anchorage.  It was such an honor to participate in the delivery and see the absolute excitement these items created.  I'll be looking forward to hearing how they are used.  Now that we are back, we realize how much more there is to do.  Already we have been talking with friends about the different experiences but also answering questions as to how others may be involved.  It'll be up to us to share our enthusiasm and spread the word that travel to Guatemala is a wonderful, enriching, positive, rewarding opportunity.