Sunday, January 22, 2012

Returning from another adventure

We had a wonderful, moving weekend at Santiago Atitlan.  We visited the Catholic Church (that´s how it´s known there) where in 1981 Fr. Steve Rother was assisinated in the rectory.  We would have liked to spend more time at the church, but the pan handling was a bit much for us.  This morning we walked down to the Peace Park a memorial to commerate more martyrs of the civil war.
We stayed at the Posada Santiago, where the food is muy delicisio!  Shortly after our arrival, Pat was chatting with John while standing in the stone cottage (our room) when an earthquake hit.  Caroline was outside shooting the beautiful flowers when Pat hurriedly exit - after all it was made of stone! We feel pretty good that we traveled on our own - 2 to 3 hours via shuttle (mini van with lot´s of windows), then on boat from Panachel to Santiago and back home.
Tomorrow is off to escuela espanol in the morning and escuelita in San Pedro los Huertas in the afternoon.
Hopefully tomorrow the pics of Santiago will get uploaded on facebook.  Adios!

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