Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Many Firsts

Since our last entry we´ve ridden a chicken bus and a tuk-tuk.  Courage needed and received.  Our tuk-tuk driver kept talking and turning around to speak to Pat.  Watch the street please! We also enjoyed cerveza (beer) and margerita at the Mono Loco (Funky Monkey) on Sunday evening. Monday we started our Spanish classes, 4 hours each morning. We visited the hospital in preparation for our work.  Today was our first day at the hospital con los ninos. How do you like that (we´re showing off our spanish).  Pat met Lesley 1 and Lesley 2, Ariana, and another little boy.  Caroline met Paty.  It was a good afternoon interacting with the ninos!  We return on Friday for more play time.  Tomorrow we head to the esquelita (little school) at San Pedro los Huertas. We weren´t sure if we would be able to assist with the children, but Ann says we can play there too.  We also saw the tops of the volcanoes and even saw Fuego spewing ash, which we are told happens daily.  With luck we shall see red lava glowing in the dark.  Almost ready to add more photos to facebook, check in a day or so.