Saturday, January 28, 2012

Making the most of our last days

Had a leisurely start to this morning before heading out to sightsee and SHOP.  Don´t worry, Spouses.  Also spent some time at La Merced.  Built in the mid-1500`s, damaged and rebuilt many times over the years, actually centuries.  Beautiful.  And it´s where our own Fr. Tom and the current seminarians come to learn Spanish and study.  Caroline had been taking photos and there should soon be some at Facebook.  We had our last day at the hospital yesterday.  More moving than I`d expected.  Rosabela, a little boy I believe may be new to the hospital, won my heart.  Of the children with whom I`d spent time, he was the only one who was responding to his environment.  We have also finished our Spanish class.  Sorry, but for now I only live in the present; I have no past and no least conversationally.  We`re looking forward to traveling to the pueblos next week, seeing some of the schools Avivara works with.  One in particular, El Rosario, is in need of a school-to-school partnership (and why not parish-school-to-school?).


  1. Hi, Pat and Caroline! Finally able to get to your wonderful blog and read all of the entries. Looks like a wonderful trip! I have many happy memories of my time in Antigua and am so happy that you have the opportunity to visit. Don't underestimate the impact you can have on the people you visit. I look forward to welcoming you home! Fr. Tom