Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another day in paradise

That´s what we were told and that´s the truth!  But the locals think its cool.  Each day brings another beautiful moment.  Our afternoon at the hospital was wonderful, meeting those lovely little ones.  And our trip to the escuelita in San Pedro los Huertes introduced us to more lovely children.  Twenty of them, in fact.  Already several have stolen our hearts.  Next week we return to allow the rest to steal some more.  Caroline and I had a ball playing, oops, I mean working!  We spent some time learning Spanish while the students learned English.  Check our Facebook page for the method.
This afternoon held a touching surprise for us.  After our Spanish class we returned home for lunch and Ana told us the volunteer paramedics would be coming by for the medical supplies we brought.  Three paramedics came to our room and were delighted with the supplies.  Saida, who led the group, explained that these supplies would be used in the villages when those who could not pay needed them.  It was a very powerful moment, especially as we saw the items packed away in the ambulance.  We each hugged and even now it brings tears to my eyes.  (Caroline corrects me...our eyes)  I cannot believe that we in our country would waste materials that could save lives elsewhere.  My heart hurts!  We are so grateful to Ana for making that connection for us.
Now, before we go home to study, we must go for a cerveza (look that up or ask Marilyn).


  1. Sounds like you're having some wonderful experiences! Glad you're enjoying the weather. FYI - we've been getting some AK weather here in Seattle. Lot's of snow outside right now.
    Also, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Have a couple of cervezas to celebrate :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Pat!

  3. Thanks for your notes and yes the cervezas are deliciosos. Look for Moza´s beer at you local liquor store (it´s guate!)