Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Still getting ready

We'll be going to Antigua, Guatemala, apparently quite high up.  As a result I am happy to report that I do not need the malaria medication I needed on my trip to Honduras.  Those pills upset my stomach and I was trying to decide whether or not I should take them.  Only if we go to the ocean would we be in danger of malaria.  We don't expect to get there, rather heading up - to the volcanoes surrounding Antigua and some of the villages.
To learn more about Guatemala Caroline and I attended a film at the Bear Tooth - Granito - a documentary on Guatemala of 1982 and the military's violence against the Mayan people. The impact is still evident today. At least one of the villages mentioned in the film is one we might be visiting. 
A workout at Curves today resulted in a number of suggestions on sites to see.  Apparently quite a few people have visited Guatemala, fishing and sightseeing.  We'll be studying Spanish and working in a hospital. 

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  1. Pat - I knew you were going, but I had no ideda Caroline was traveling with you. What an awesome experience for you two! Can't wait to follow your adventures here!